Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I really dislike when someone tells me they can't do something on a Sunday because "I go to church on Sunday."
Yeah, I do too. Unitarians welcome atheists, and people who don't fit in any one niche. I even eat brunch after. I meant in the afternoon you holier than thou self righteous douche.
It's not even the words- it is the tone. It really bothers me. That you're better somehow because you'll be at church instead of whatever obviously heathenistic thing I'd like to do. There is no need to get snippy- a simple "I'm busy" or "maybe after church" would suffice.
Just sayin'.


  1. Gosh, those people who spend their entire Sundays at church must be super organized, dedicated to their faith and have a lot of patience for sitting inside all day long!

    They must also have someone else to clean their houses.

  2. When I lived in Utah that was the default. Now that I live in New Hampshire Sunday is, well, just a weekend day. It's actually the busiest shopping day in New England, land of the puritans no more! I'm guessing the South is more like Utah.