Monday, March 25, 2013

Patience is an action

I believe it was the awesome Heather Solos ( who once told me, "patience is an action, not a feeling."
My kids have really been trying my patience today, and by the end, I was not patient, and yelled a whole lot.
Later when I had some quiet and a chance to think, I realized I really needed, as mom, was to acknowledge how I feel, but then act accordingly- not yelling. And I forgive myself, and them, honestly. But I blew without thinking and I need to focus on that more next time.
I did apologize. I feel I was wrong.
I will strive more next time to at least ACT patient.


  1. I understand. The boys test me a lot too. Sometimes I do over-react and yell, but when I am wrong in my reaction, I do apologize. That's good that you did. My philosophy is "Always strive to be better"... That's all we can do. Good job, Lynn.

  2. That's the hardest part is remembering who the adult is. Kids are good at testing and it's probably intentional, kids eventually need to know what our limitations are in order to feel safe.