Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Planting roots

I have traveled a lot. I've lived in 7 states, 3 countries, and visited more. I've driven across every mountain range east of the Ozarks. I've lived in mountains, flat lands, coasts and deserts. While this has given me many chances for fresh starts- I find I am the same person, more or less, wherever I am, and I am weary to still be traveling on.
I'm tired of putting in the fresh start effort. It is no longer a new me, but discovering who are the new you.
Don't get me wrong- I will forever love meeting new people, and I am forever growing, but dammit I need a base somewhere to branch out from, rather than just creating a road map.
In ready to put down roots. That isn't just a metaphor. Do you know how many times I've literally planted asparagus and not lived in the place long enough to take it to harvest?
I'm tired and I'm ready to make a home.
Today I signed the membership book at our local unitarian universalist church and it felt good. Cathartic even. I like the people. I like the mission. I like that they except my weird pseudo Buddhist-atheist mix without question. That no one thinks it's weird I hunt ghosts. That it's awesome I'm an environmentalist.
I'm ready to be home somewhere. I will be moving one last time- to buy a home here somewhere. It needs to be perfect because I can't move anymore. I'm tired.
I will always hop in my car last minute and drive cross country to see a friend or meet a new one, but I need somewhere to rest my head when I'm done.
Welcome home.

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  1. Oh Lynn do I ever hear you on this one! I sort of feel like I reinvent myself any time I move, though that has changed somewhat as I have gotten older and settled into myself. It is nice to move somewhere and have community and know where things are and feel like you are home.